26-30 September 2016
MIPT, Dolgoprydny, Russia
International Conference “BIOMEMBRANES 2016: Mechanisms of Aging and Age-Related Diseases”

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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (“Phystech”) is the leading institute of higher education in Russian Federation training highly-qualified specialists in various areas of modern science and technology. The institute has a rich history. Its founders and early staff members were Nobel Prize winners P.L Kapitsa, N.N Semenov, and L.D. Landau. Nobel Prize winners are among its graduates as well. Many “Phystech” professors are leading scientists in Russia, among which are more than 80 academics and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. From the beginning, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has used a unique system for training specialists, known commonly as the “Phystech System,” which combines fundamental education, engineering disciplines, and student scientific research. Now the Institute is developing unique scientific infrastructure to carry out the cutting edge research in many fields of science.

Dolgoprudny (Russian: Долгопру́дный) is a town in Moscow Region, Russia, located about 20 kilometers (12 mi) north of Moscow city center. The town's name is derived from Russian "Долгий пруд" (dolgy prud, lit. "long pond")—a long and narrow pond situated in the northeastern part of the town. Population: 90,956 (2010 Census).

The territory of the town borders with Moscow in the south and in the east, Khimki in the southwest, and is limited by the Moscow Canal in the west and by the Klyazminskoye Reservoir in the north. The town can be reached by suburban train from the Savyolovsky Rail Terminal of Moscow in about twenty minutes to one of the three platforms: Novodachnaya, Dolgoprudnaya, or Vodniki, or by bus shuttle from Rechnoy Vokzal and Altufyevo stations of the Moscow Metro. The Dmitrovskoye highway connecting Moscow with Dmitrov and Dubna passes just east of the town.

A settlement of Vinogradovo situated in the place of the modern town was known at least since the 17th century. Then a railway was built in the 1900s (decade) and a railway platform was built in 1914. The settlement started to develop as an airship manufacturing plant was built there in 1931. The aeronautic engineer Umberto Nobile worked there for five years during the 1930s. For a few years during the 1930s, the settlement was renamed Dirizhablstroy (meaning "airship building"). In 1951, the famous Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology or Phystech, moved to Dolgoprudny