26-30 September 2016
MIPT, Dolgoprydny, Russia
International Conference “BIOMEMBRANES 2016: Mechanisms of Aging and Age-Related Diseases”

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Overview / Online Lectures

29 September 2014

Valentin Gordeliy
"Bioresearch at MIPT"

Keynote speaker: Ray Stevens
"The amazing structural diversity of G-protein coupled receptors"

Norbert Dencher
"Structure, dynamics and function of biomembranes change during ageing and by the neurodegenerative diseases Alzheimer`s and Parkinson`s"

Dieter Willbold
"Aβ-oligomer targeted therapy and diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease"

30 September 2014

Lucy Malinina
"Structural insights into lipid transfer selectivity of the GLTP-fold"

Leonid Sazanov
"Structure and mechanism of respiratory complex I, a giant molecular proton pump"

Sergei Grudinin
"Prediction of protein-protein interactions on the structural level"

Gerhard Gompper
"Biomechanics of particle uptake by cells"

Georg Büldt
"Molecules in action – from lipids to membrane proteins"

Rouslan Efremov
"Structural insight onto calcium signaling in muscular contraction"

Christoph Fahlke
"Glutamate transporter-associated anion channels: molecular mechanisms, physiology and pathophysiology"

Thomas Gensch
"Localization of (membrane) proteins studied by super-resolution fluorescence microscopy"

01 October 2014

Marat Yusupov
"Crystal structure of the ribosome as a target for new drug development"

Yuri Polikanov
"Sleeping giant: how hibernation factors and antibiotics turn off protein synthesis"

Igor Chizhov
"Photocycles of retinal proteins"

Martin Engelhard
"Chemical biology of membrane proteins: the photosensor complex from N. pharaonis"

Valery Fokin
"Chemical tools for structural and functional studies of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors"

02 October 2014

Vadim Cherezov
"GPCR crystallography with X-ray lasers"

Alexander Popov
"Looking forward to the development of fully automated data collection using synchrotron radiation"

Erik Gürhs
"Coherent imaging of biological samples at the European XFEL"

Beili Wu
"Structural studies of HIV-1 co-receptors CXCR4 and CCR5"

Qiang Zhao
"Structural studies of Purinergic receptor"

Wei Liu
"Structural basis for allosteric regulation of GPCRs by sodium ions"

Alexey Mishin
"GPCR research state at MIPT"

Roman Efremov
"Dynamic structural/amphiphilic "portrait" of biomembranes as their intrinsic property: results of atomistic imulations"

Alexander Arseniev
"NMR and MP"